Sunday, August 22, 2004

Thanks guys!

Hey folks, I wanna thank both BOBBY J and SAMURAI MIKE for temporarily filling in "Director Of Operations" position. Both guys put thier sonic stampon the Casbah. My other job (at a local news-talk station) ran pre-season Dallas Cowboys broadcasts. The good news, is that I'll be back with a double blast of great rock & roll.Saturday August 28th... a biggie! The BO DIDDLEY spectacular! We'll draw you a musical line that starts with Bo and goes onto this day! He invented garage rock, surf-beat... hell, he invented rock & roll!

September 4th... Get stoned with the Rolling Stones. From "England's Newest Hitmakers" to "Let It Bleed"... the good stuff. 35 years after the death of Brian Jones, we'll take a ride with the greatest rockband..ever?

Coming soon... the all-Fuzzzz show and the best of the B-3.

Though we have to save goodbye to the summer, the Autumn stays pretty warm in the Casbah!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brian: Your show is a personal fave-o-mine. Great work and continued success. Could you please still post a play list for last evening's (08-21-04) show even though you weren't there. The opening song (I'm not even sure what language it was in) was especially good.
Thank you in advance,
David (

7:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Howdy David!

Thanks for your email. I'll be posting that playlist later this week. I think the song you dig is Cornershop's "6 AM Jullandar Shere" from the CD Woman's Gotta Have It.

Thanks again! If you get the chance, join the Casbah yahoo group. I post playlists and groovy music/culture-related news.

Have a good week.


8:56 PM  

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