Sunday, April 17, 2005

4/17/05 playlist

Brian, thanks again for letting me sit in for you, your listeners are the best!!!




The Electric Prunes-I had too much to dream last night-4/67

Canned Heat-On the road again-2/68

HP Lovecraft-Mobius trip-1968

Blue Cheer-Second time around-1/68

Super Session-You don't love me-1968

Arthur Brown-Fire-1968

 The Bubble Puppy-Hot smoke and sassafras-1969

Fever Tree-Imitation situation-1968

The Strawberry Alarm Clock-Incense and peppermint-1967

Harvey Mandel-Christo redemptor-1968

Captain Beyond-Dancing madly backwards-1972

Randy California-All along the watchtower-1977

Todd Rundgren-An elpee's worth of tunes-1974

The Steve Miller Band-Dime a dance romance-1968

Steppenwolf-Jupiter's child-1969

Quicksilver Messenger Service-Pride of man-5/68

The Chambers Bros.-Time has come today-1968

The Knickerbockers-Lies-2/66

The Count Five-Psychotic reaction-1965

The Syndicate Of Sound-Little girl-1966

The Ultimate Spinach-Ego trip-1967

Bloodrock-Castle of my thoughts-4/70

The Seeds-Can't seem to make you mine-1966

The Choclate Watch Band-Let's talk about girls-1966

Love-7&7 is-6/7/66

Blue Cheer-Come and get it-10/68

Kaptain Kopter And The Fabulous Twirlybirds-Downer-1972

Trapeze-You are the music-1972

The Steve Miller Band-Livin' in the USA-1968




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