Wednesday, January 31, 2007

1/27/07 playlist

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1/27/07 playlist
The Mach IV - Astroboy
The Who - Substitute (live on the BBC)
The Bubble Puppy - Hot Smoke And Sasafrass
T-Model Ford - Ask Her For Water
The Austin Transit Authority - Cannibals
The Shakewells - Bad Time (With Out You)
Dave Myers & The Surftones - Moment Of Truth
The Ramones - The KKK Took My Baby Away
Sloan - Another Way I Could Do It
The Snake Trap - Redheaded Manual Festival
Matthew Sweet - Devil With Green Eyes
Slim Harpo - Raining In My Heart
Big John Patton - The Silver Meter (Choo Choo)
The Stoics - Hate
The Bottlerockets - Floatway
The Krayolas - Aw Tonight
The Deuce Coupes - Dawn Patrol
My Bloody Valentine - Soon
The Stone Roses - Begging You
The Raveonettes - Great Love Sound (live)
The Invaders - Cat's Eye
You Am I - Aint It Funny How We Don't Talk Anymore
The Surf Report - Tanner
Lightnin' Hopkins - Have To Let You Go
Fleetwood Mac - Albatross
Bill Doggett - Dedicated To You
The Breeders - Invisible Man
The Beefeaters - Don't Hurt Me
The Sandblasters - Big Sky
The Electric Prunes - Get Me To The World On Time
My Bloody Valentine - Off Your Face


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