Sunday, April 01, 2007

3/24/07 playlist

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3/24/07 playlist
The Renegades - Geronimo
Los Straightjacket w/ Big Sandy - Calor
Buddy Dughi - Mag-Neato
The Giant Robots - Jukebox
The Jesus & Mary Chain - Reverberation (Doubt)
13th Floor Elevators - Fire Engine
Los Relampagos - Limosna de Amores
The Black Angels - The Sniper At The Gates Of Heaven
The Hollies - Bus Stop
The Beatles - The Word
Bonney & Buzz - Red Light Zone
Jimmy Smith - 'Round The Corner
The Lowtides - Great Bohemouth (live)
The Dactaris - Paris-Dakar
The Nematoads - Havana Gila
The Men From SPECTRE - Astralkorper
My Bloody Valentine - Honey Power/Moon Song
The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds
Thee Fine Lines - Feeling The Pain
Pollo Del Mar - Jack the Ripper (live)
Tim Coffman - Low Tide
Fleetwood Mac - Sunnyside Of Heaven
Dragontears - The Doors Of Perscription
Sister Vanilla - Can't Stop The Rock
Sister Vanilla - Jamcolas


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